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The final episode of The MISTAKEN Series Brandon Richardson is certain of only one thing–his love for Jenna. He had no idea that falling in love with her would call the rest of his life into question. With the country falling into ruin and security as

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The complete third season of The MISTAKEN Series, now available as a box set: TAKEN #1: Her life as Jenna Davis abruptly ended nine months ago with a betrayal so huge, she still can’t believe it really happened. The careful construction of her new life

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The complete second season of The MISTAKEN Series, now available in a box set. BROKEN #1: Jenna longs for a normal life, wanting nothing more than to find her happiness with charming Brandon. Brandon is desperate to keep her away from a life she can’t

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The Complete First Season of The MISTAKEN Series Books 1 – 6 of the bestselling series are now available as a box set! Mistaken 1: Jenna Davis has tortured herself over the death of her fiance. She’s moved to a new city to escape not only

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