The Complete First Season of The MISTAKEN Series Books 1 – 6 of the bestselling series are now available as a box set!

Mistaken 1: Jenna Davis has tortured herself over the death of her fiance. She’s moved to a new city to escape not only the memories, but the shadow of her father, the senator. By meeting Brandon Richardson and succumbing to her desires, she takes a giant step forward in healing her grief-stricken heart. But Brandon has secrets that threaten to destroy her.

Mistaken 2: Jenna Davis thought she was a grown woman, capable of making her own decisions. When her world is turned upside down, she finds herself back under the control of her father, unsure of who she can trust. She’s finding it difficult to learn to trust her heart when she just finds it broken over and over again.

Mistaken 3: Ever the dutiful daughter, Jenna Davis agrees to a new arrangement with her father. She finds new hope with Brandon, but doubts linger that can their love overcome her family’s plans for her future.

Mistaken 4: Jenna Davis is caught–caught between her love for her family and her emerging love for Brandon. The warning signs have been there all along, and Brandon isn’t done with his secrets and lies. Brandon’s secret life, one Jenna can never be a part of, threatens to destroy them both.

Mistaken 5: Brandon seems to turn up whenever Jenna needs him. He says it’s fate, but it looks like his secret life has finally caught up with him. More secrets. More lies. And a deception so grand, Jenna could have never seen it coming.

Mistaken 6: My name is Jenna Davis. I am the daughter of Senator Patrick Davis and Marian Hennessey Davis, granddaughter of President Albert Hennessey, who was assassinated while my mother was still in the womb. Except I’m not. I’ve gone from being a twenty-three year old woman, certain of her past and who she’s always been, to knowing nothing about myself in only a moment, less than a blink of an eye. If I’d only left the party a little earlier, I could have slept one more night being sure about something. I could have had one more blissful sleep, being sure of my name and my heritage. Now I’m not sure about anything.

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I cannot get enough of these people!!! It was easy to fall hopelessly in love with Brandon and Jenna...

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