The complete third season of The MISTAKEN Series, now available as a box set:

TAKEN #1: Her life as Jenna Davis abruptly ended nine months ago with a betrayal so huge, she still can’t believe it really happened. The careful construction of her new life comes crashing down around her when Brandon, her past lover, unexpectedly returns, forcing her to choose between who she is and what she was. Unprepared and unwilling to return to her old existence, can Jenna and Brandon find a way to be together at last?

TAKEN #2: When Brandon finally found Jenna, he was sure they could leave their pasts behind to create a future together. When he finds that old foes are still on his trail threatening him and the woman he loves, he knows nothing can ever be the same again. Jenna has been hiding in plain sight for months. She knows there’s a side to the stories she’s heard that isn’t being told. But is Brandon’s side of the story enough to convince her that what she’s been told isn’t the truth?

TAKEN #3: Jenna has hidden herself for months—away from her family and the man she loves. She learns that the things she had been hiding from may not have been as dangerous as they had once seemed. When an even bigger mystery comes to light, she realizes that running from the truth is no longer an option, no matter how tempting it may seem. Many of her questions are answered, but the cost of those answers may be too great for her—or Brandon—to survive.

TAKEN #4: When her life unravels around her, Jenna clings to the only person who can offer her a way out—something closer to normal than she’s ever known. A life that might finally mean happiness. The perfect life she’s always dreamed of is almost within reach, but then she’s reminded that nothing is as it seems. And that everyone has an agenda.

TAKEN #5: When the fairy tale comes crashing down around her, Jenna finds an unlikely ally. Brandon seems to do all the wrong things for all the right reasons—or maybe it’s the other way around.

TAKEN #6: On the verge of losing Brandon forever, Jen tries to take matters into her own hands. But when he nearly dies, she discovers that he’s enough just the way he is. Whoever he is.

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This series was amazing. I have always wanted a book that took me a little longer to read and be the perfect mix of suspense and passion. This book was just that!

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