The complete second season of The MISTAKEN Series, now available in a box set.

BROKEN #1: Jenna longs for a normal life, wanting nothing more than to find her happiness with charming Brandon. Brandon is desperate to keep her away from a life she can’t escape. Brandon risks his life, knowing he is the only one who can save her. When Jenna risks her own life to save his, the two may never be the same again.

BROKEN #2: Jenna tries to adjust to a life without Brandon and finds she falls into her same old patterns. Brandon tries to adjust to a life without Jen and finds himself even more deeply involved in a life he is desperate to leave behind.

BROKEN #3: After Jenna has been faced with two times the unthinkable, she must learn to trust in order to find the love she so desperately desires. Brandon’s desperation to have Jenna back in his life has caused him to be more reckless than usual, even willing to divulge to her a secret he’s been keeping for years. Even if Jenna can forgive Brandon, can Brandon learn to forgive himself?

BROKEN #4: Standing up for yourself can be difficult, and Jenna Davis is finding it increasingly hard to be her own woman. With pressure coming from all sides, Jenna must learn what it means to live her own life. When she’s faced with choosing between her family and herself, another option opens up—one she’ll never be able to forgive or forget.

BROKEN #5: Brandon has an impossible decision to make—protect the woman he loves and take a life in the process or protect a life and lose his own. Jenna must face the consequences of Brandon’s decision. When he tells her the words she needs to hear, she can’t be sure they will ever be enough.

BROKEN #6: Jenna makes a difficult decision, caught between the life she’s always known and the life she desperately wants. Convincing her family that her choices are her own has always been the difficult part. She must stand up for what she believes, knowing that is the only way she’ll earn the happy ending she desires.

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I couldn't put my kindle down once I started. There is still sex, lies, corruption, but most of all love.

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