Part 1 of 3

For two years, Sidney Miller ran from life, working one menial job after another to keep herself so busy she would never have to think or feel—or remember the tragedies she’s faced. Her careful plans are abruptly changed when she meets Gavin at the temporary job she’s taken to keep herself busy through the holidays.

Gavin Rogers is only in San Francisco to help his brother’s struggling law firm. With no time—or desire—for relationships, his world is turned upside down when he finds something in his heart for a woman he’s sure he could never be interested in.

This is the first part of three-part serial and ends with a cliffhanger.

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Brilliant! Absolutely loved this book I couldn't put it down
All I Want is the perfect holiday read! Nice characters, good chemistry, some humour and some heartache. Liking the twists also!

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