Taken #3

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The third installment of TAKEN, the third season of The MISTAKEN Series

~A New Adult – Romantic Suspense Novelette (about 13,000 words)

Jenna has hidden herself for months—away from her family and the man she loves. She learns that the things she had been hiding from may not have been as dangerous as they had once seemed. When an even bigger mystery comes to light, she realizes that running from the truth is no longer an option, no matter how tempting it may seem. Many of her questions are answered, but the cost of those answers may be too great for her—or Brandon—to survive.

Recommended for adults only. Episodes may contain steamy scenes and coarse language.

This is the third episode of an ongoing, multi-part romantic suspense serial and ENDS WITH A CLIFFHANGER.

The MISTAKEN Series, Season Three: