Taken #2

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The second installment of TAKEN, the third season of The MISTAKEN Series

~New Adult – Romantic Suspense – about 100 pages

When Brandon finally found Jenna, he was sure they could leave their pasts behind to create a future together. When he finds that old foes are still on his trail threatening him and the woman he loves, he knows nothing can ever be the same again.

Jenna has been hiding in plain sight for months. She knows there’s a side to the stories she’s heard that isn’t being told. But is Brandon’s side of the story enough to convince her that what she’s been told isn’t the truth?

Recommended for adults only. Steamy scenes and coarse language.

This is the second episode of an ongoing, multi-part romantic suspense serial and ENDS WITH A CLIFFHANGER.

The MISTAKEN Series, Season Three: