Forgiven Sneak Peak

Okay, you’ve waited long enough! 🙂

Keep in mind this is a partial chapter (as yet unedited) and also not the first chapter, but I know the suspense of knowing who was at that door has been killing you … so, enjoy!

Forgiven releases officially on Tuesday, January 12!


This is what it feels like to have your life slip out of your hands.

Not that I’d had much of a life up to this point. Not that I remembered much of it anymore, anyway. I didn’t know what the fuck was happening to me, only that my brain was starting to feel like a sieve, with everything draining away. And I was helpless to stop it.

I stared at the woman in the doorway, sure that I recognized her and equally sure that I was the only one who was able to see her. And I knew it wasn’t the drugs this time—they had only barely been giving me any pain medication. I just somehow knew that this was it—this was the thing that was finally going to break me. The final delusion that was going to end me.

But maybe my life wasn’t really slipping from my hands. Something inside of me knew that I was going crazy. That seemed like a very distinct possibility, anyway—nothing had seemed real for a while. Jen had seemed real, but that was different. Everything I had done for the past few years had revolved around her. She was the one thing that I was sure had to be real.

I looked over at the woman who was staring at me from the doorway. This had all been a little fucked up, anyway—the pretend wedding today. It was like something a little girl would do, but I knew Jen had done it for me. It was what I had wanted. She didn’t care about rings or weddings or white gowns—that had been my thing. And I couldn’t remember now why I had wanted any of those things at all. Especially when I knew Jen was going to bolt as soon as I told her that I was seeing people who didn’t exist. Again. It hadn’t happened for awhile now—not since I had stopped drinking. And I had been so sure that my need to numb my life had been the reason I had been seeing things. But there she was, standing there in the doorway. Again. Almost glaring at me now.

“Brandon.” The woman in the doorway took a step forward, only barely now inside the tiny hospital room.

“If you’ll excuse me.” The man who had been performing the wedding ceremony interrupted my hallucination, though I could still see the woman standing there. He made some sort of motion with his hands and hurried out the door.

“Brandon.” The delusion—whatever she was—spoke again and took another step toward me.

I looked over at Jen. I knew I needed to tell her—I had to explain that I was seeing things again. Maybe she would understand this time. Maybe after everything else that had happened, she would be able to somehow forgive me. I wasn’t really sure why I felt like I would need to be forgiven for being insane, but that was what I felt like I needed—forgiveness. And maybe it was for more than just being a mental case. For all the things I had done in the name of what I had thought was right. Not that anything really felt right anymore.

The woman sighed and I turned to face her. “Brandon. I’m real. You can speak to me.”

I looked over at Jen again. She tilted her head, almost like she was expecting me to say something.

My stomach rolled. There was something about this that was just wrong. I just wasn’t sure what it was. “Jen—“

She interrupted. “She’s your mother, Brandon. At least that was what she told me.”


Forgiven, the final episode of The Mistaken Series, will be available January 12, 2016 at all retailers.