At Last #1

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Hannah is having a very bad day…

Things have gone from disappointing to downright impossible. She’s over this whole being-an-attorney thing and wishes she had never gone to law school in the first place. Mark Hanson, the hottest attorney in Seattle, just defeated her in court again–for the third time in a row. She’s sure the big promotion she’s worked so hard to achieve has just gone up in flames because of it.

And the guy she’s been in love with for the past five years? Yeah, he’s getting married in a few weeks. And not to her.

All she really wants is to go home and not think about law–or men–for a little while. To regroup. And that is exactly what she intends to do … until and she decides to take matters–and Mark–into her own hands.

This is part one of a five-part serial and ends with a cliffhanger. Hate cliffhangers? The box-set of At Last will be available in late March, 2016.